Brookside Center for Counseling and Hypnotherapy


I cried

It was pouring rain outside

Rocco loved sunny days

The Vicar implied God was crying

Flashback raced

Brothers returned from Korea

Some did not

Cancer would not leave Rocco

It left me!

I cried

Kathi held my fingers and squeezed

I cried

Tears of sadness

Tears of joy

Blessed be the Lord for extending my visit

My mission continues

I am here for all those I love

For all of you

The organist was playing Bach

I cried.

Not too sure then why

Was it because her two hands had parted company

Only to regroup shortly after

To part and regroup

The Metaphor of life

We drove home in silence

We spoke to one another in silence


The sky cleared

The sun reappeared

I knew you were home


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