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DAPTH: Accessing the Unconscious in the Practice of Hypnosis and Counseling
 by Maurice Kouguell, Ph.D., BCETS

DAPTHFor some time I have emphasized the importance of acquiring at least familiarity with the approaches and techniques of psychotherapy and awareness of the ways in which applications of hypnosis may enhance them.

This is not to encourage hypnotherapists to go beyond their limits of skill and training. It is to encourage growth of knowledge and discovery of techniques which may be used in conjunction with hypnosis.

Maurice Kouguell has published a book, DAPTH: Accessing the Unconscious in the Practice of Hypnosis and Counseling, which takes a big step in this direction. He has presented clearly and effectively a guidebook on the use of a procedure known as 'Draw a Person, Tree, House'. It shows what I choose to term a discovery channel which offers incredible advantages in the evaluation of clients, analysis of their personalities, revelation of factors which have helped create attitudes and belief systems which effect (for better or worse) their lifestyles, behaviors, strengths and weaknesses.

With this knowledge a competent and professional hypnotherapist has an alternative to regression, or perhaps a verification of regression - revealed, life-affecting factors - all beneficial to the client. I have pointed out many cases in which understanding achieved through hypnotherapeutic techniques can lead to relief or cure. Kouguell has, in fact, opened a new channel which can lead to the vital achievement of understanding.

DAPTH, an acronym for Draw a Person, Tree, House, can be used both in the initial assessment of the client, and as a means of measuring progress in future sessions. It uncovers problems which may be beyond the awareness of the client and can reveal the appropriateness or contra-indication of hypnosis in specific cases.

DAPTH, as a technique, is incredibly simple while at the same time being amazingly complex. Mastery from multiple readings of Kouguell's book will be mandatory for effective use. A therapist without strong sensitivities should not even try to use it or at least to analyze the drawings. Kouguell does provide admirable guidelines for interpretations, but therapists with personal hard nosed, locked-in beliefs and techniques will not meet the requirements to use DAPTH effectively.

Basically, the technique involves asking a client to draw separately, a picture of a person, a tree, and a house. Minimal guidance or direction is provided. The idea is to let the client bring up thoughts from the subconscious and illustrate them to whatever degree and in whatever manner comes forth. Results can vary from the scratchings of a child to near works of art. Changes in drawings from session to session can depict progress, understanding, maturation or the lack thereof.
The whole concept and utilization of DAPTH makes so much sense and offers so much potential for increasing the effectiveness of hypnotherapeutic work that I strongly recommend acquisition of Dr. Kouguell s book. followed by at least a triple reading. If you never use the technique, your insight will be greatly expanded. If you use it, your abilities to help people will be tremendously enhanced.

Review by kind permission of The Journal of Hypnosis

More praise for DAPTH:

I have not seen a more prodigious, responsible, or useful inventory of meanings as are in DAPTH. My staff and I are impressed by its full sweep, and we intuitively feel the validity of the interprtations. The therapeutic potency of this exceptionally warm and gifted clinician increases geometrically as the deceptively simple drawings give you access to otherwise hidden processes. [This] brilliant volume has an honored place in our clinical library. My only problem now is keeping the peace over "Who gets it next?" Our deep gratitude for sharing it with us.

--Deirdre Davis Bringham  ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Its importance and impact [are] powerfully apparent. It offers great value in gaining insight into the thinking, attitudes and behaviors of clients, from which can be gained an understanding of their problems, which in turn can lead the experienced practitioner to determination of helpful curative techniques...The techniques you present so effectively can be highly effective in locating and indentifying "splinters" in the mind, thereby making possible the removal that can result in healing...You have my compliments on contributing new and valid insight to our profession.

--Charles J. Francis, M.A., A.C.H., C.I.


Human Figure Drawings: A Screening and Evaluative Tool in Hypnosis and Counseling
by Maurice Kouguell, Ph.D., BCETS 

Human Figure Drawings"I have learned how helpful and revealing drawings can be. Maurice Kouguell's book can help you apply these techniques to your therapeutic endeavors. Remember to heed his advice 'Beware and move gently and learn from your clients...'"

Review by Bernie Siegel M.D. author of Love, Medicine and Miracles.




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